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Tuesday, August 12th, 2008
OMG. Olympics have made me anti-social's just me and the HDTV...

Haha, I wonder if anyone remembers my OBSESSION with athens 4 years ago when I had the mini-olympic blog going on, that was pretty much CAPSLOCK SCREAMING and Michael Phelps photos? AHHHH I WANT TO BRING IT BACK.

I'm a little more lazy though...but still just has devoted!


Yay for Phelps, Coughlin, and Peirsol. I have a mini-crush on Aaron Peirsol, receding hairline and all.

Am a bit sad that Michael Phelps had unfriended me on facebook. Haha, dangit.

Also, I hope people had a great time at sorry that I was unable to find my way up to the city to meet! Suburbs to city is more of a clusterfuck than i thought!

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Wednesday, July 9th, 2008
10:58 am - newsies otp = jack/david
I just rewatched Newsies for the first time in years. OMFG. I forgot how GOOD it was.
Journalism + Activism + dancing/singing newspaper boys + tapdancing Christian Bale = BIG WIN.

I only wish I were younger again so I didn't feel like such a perv. But then I imdb-ed all the newsies boys and they are all still so attractive. Or they grew up hot. I mean, look at little Les. He went from this cute little thing to Orlando Bloom's twin.

Okay, and someone PLEASE tell me there is Newsies slash out there for Jack/David. Mmmmm. When they weren't spitting in each other's hands, they were making googly eyes at each other before breaking out into song and dance.

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Tuesday, June 24th, 2008
9:46 pm - Fest-recs :) (long overdue...)
Yay, so am done with all the fests I had signed up for in December *breathes easy* I haven't read everything from the fests yet, since I'm choosy and somewhat ADD, but here is a little list of things I read that blew me away :) Am kind of sleepy so I'm pretty much almost copy/pasting my reviewish/squealing comments. (Mmm, doing this makes me want to reread)

From hd_worldcup:
I did art for the first time in a non-cracky way for this fest.
There is TONS of great art in this fest too. Loved loved loved lillithium's piece as well as oldenuf2nb's. Both are gorgeous and so is the work by sherant and aluinnsearlait.

1. On One's Knees by pir8fancier
Where Draco has arthritis in his knees and Harry takes care of him :) Draco is wonderful in this story. His inner monologue is awesome, and fills me with Draco!love. This story has great little vignettes and moments between Harry and Draco, and everything fits together so perfectly. This has Draco writing Agony Aunt Letters, a everything-is-going-to-be-okay-hopefully type of ambience, and possibly the greatest description of a blowjob ever.

2. The Arc of the Pendulum by brummell
Where Draco and Harry are Beauty and the Beast. I've never read anything by Brummell before, but man. I have not read a fic like this in a long time...the type that really tugs at me and makes me cry in the end so i can't even read anymore. It's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!!! It just works out so well. The story-telling is amazing, and the characterization is amazing, from details about Harry's handwriting to Draco's (mildly temperamental) flouncing. It's very reflexive of the movie without being obvious.

3. Wheels of Fire by captain_tulip
Where Harry tries to write an autobiography, but lo!...he sucks at writing, so Draco writes it for him. Very fun to read; it made me laugh and feel at the same time. I ached for Draco's situation in this and ached at the social ineptness of both Harry and Draco. Very amusing monologues by Draco...where he even wears a fake scar to awaken his inner Potter. The dialogue is awesome in this as well.

4. Homecoming by novembersnow
A fic set at Hogwarts where Draco is a professor and Harry comes to teach! A very loveable-H/D-classic type of story, like a lot of things Novembersnow writes. The budding relationship is great, and there's a sly analogy with Draco's potions brewing. Albus Severus and Scorpius are lovely in this as well, and its just a very cute, wonderful story. The quintessential post-DH H/D story. With steamy sex.

5. Blind Leading the Blind by nqdonne
Where Harry's paranoid someone is writing about him in a gossip journal, and ends up in a self-fulfilling prophecy :) A very amusing story as Harry bumbles along slowly realizing what he wants. Again, another story with a great set up that leaves me curious to see how they get together to stay together in the end.

6. Still Life in Wood and Parchment by scrtkpr
Where everything is in letter form and what is not to love about that? Man, like all things she writes, this story is magnificent!!!! The letters go back and forth from past day-H/D to present day Albus Severus and Scorpius. Its creative and daring and provides detail while still letting the reader imagine things. There's so much emotion in these letters, and they piece together so well.

From hd_inspired
I wrote The Swan Potter and drew a little chibi!doodle for the comm :)

realitiedout wrote Tuum Est for me, and its absolutely delightful!! It features the things i love best like jealous!harry, auror missions, and perfect first kisses :)

1. Crup-tion of the Not-So Innocent by calanthe_fics
Where Harry is a gay!crup who finds his calling in life to be Draco Malfoy's arse :D Such an amusing and sweet read. The writing style and sense of humor are spot on. Harry is wonderful in a silly-boy-hero way and Draco deserves tons of love. The best is when Harry thinks himself to be a dachsund and tries to tell himself he's not that gay. Harry also mentally calls Draco a doggy-diddler, and thus his internal monologue just gets all the more amusing. this is the first story in a long time that had me laugh out loud. At work.

2. He was He and I was Bunny by bryoneybrynn
Where Harry is a deceiving cuddle-whore of a bunny. The writing is great in this, and everything is set up wonderfully...why Harry became an Animagus, why he began being around Draco, why he fell in love with Draco...and his plan to approach Draco in 'human' form was clever too. It's all very smart.I loved the little details about everyone that is exposed through dialogue or just the narration. You can see a lot of Draco's personality come through in the dialogue, his humor, snark, and his wit. Blaise's role is great in this.

3. Ain't No Friend of Mine by lettered
Where Draco is a very pretty dog with a great internal monologue (I do love a good internal monologue! :) As a story and as a character study, this story is great. I loved how it was framed in draco's mind with all of his doggy thoughts. I loved how I got to know Harry just through his dialogue with doggy!draco. The story was also humorous, particularly when Draco is thinking about Harry stating the obvious and thinking about the Lovebottoms, but also heart lurching and also just wonderfully interesting about people and the way they are.

For hds_beltane I didn't read much, because it was still during WC. I do enjoy the art that ran_mouri drew for me. It's Romeo and Juliet based and its pretty adorable :)

I did submit a portrait!snape as voyeur story for romaine24. I must say that in the exchanges hds_beltane and hd_inspired, the mods were wonderful in their personal involvement and care with the entries, which made it really fun to participate in. I loved doing hd_holidays too for the same reason.

From Big Bang Baby Round 3
Have only read two out of the seven, but loved the two I read.
(And OMG, I still can't get over the art done for my fic. Guh. So pretty.)

1. Boys Don't Cry by furiosity and pixies
I already gushed about this here. It's SO, SO, SO, good.

2. Reparo by amalin</b>
God, her writing is just beautiful. She has a talent of piecing words and sentences together in such a wonderful way, and can say and describe things to make reading the story feel almost melodic. There are sentences that just took my breath away, such as when she describes Harry's kisses as tasting of spit and sleep or how spring makes the "world filled with the acrid mineral smell of the season, thawing mud and the peeled, raw blue sky."

I particularly loved the way she wrote all the characters, and it felt like a real continuation of canon. I also loved the very realistic disintegration of harry and ginny's romance and the progression of harry and draco's romance. nothing about this story was sudden at all, and it used such subtle moments that let you really see into the character's lives.

One of the best things is how Harry and Draco started getting along, and how they went and got drunk together (but they didn't hook up when they were drunk which is so refreshing and awesome, but they began getting along more...yay for social lubrication). the story is little vignettes out of people's lives...and how each of these little moments are healing to these characters. The dialogue and exchanges between all the characters, even Harry and Ginny are spot-on as well.

It's a great story that has sexual moments (mm), but is ultimately about how Harry and Draco get together. And the pacing is just right.

eta: Oops, I also forgot to mention femmequixotic's Take a Sad Song (and Make it Better) which is about the divorce process between Harry and Ginny and is so, so perfectly post-DH epilogue. Whereas Harry cheats and Ginny files for divorce and it turns into a long custody settlement...guess whose in charge of the decision?

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Monday, June 16th, 2008
10:50 am
soooo equus and dan radcliffe are coming to nyc in september when i have left.

fair? no. WAH. missed it by a month., what if i could have seen him in a nyc club/bar or something.
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Sunday, June 15th, 2008
1:38 am - terminus?
aha. so i finally googled Terminus because i had no idea what it was and i kept hearing about it, and i didn't even know that conferences for harry potter existed. i have only heard of leadership conferences and student summits before...

and lo and behold! terminus is in chicago, where i LIVE. and will actually BE. and the hilton! i know exactly where that is, because the gay games were there two years ago.

i am still a bit like, shut up...such a thing is real? and i am willing to be money that this would be a place where people will dress up like harry and draco and hold hands and it would be a magnificent photo op.


today i looked up my old pen name on and wished i had not. agh.


on sad news, at home, the family pet is very, very sick :(
i did not think i would miss him until today and now i just want to cuddle the chubby little body.
wish him good and happy thoughts?

edit RIP Smore :(

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Monday, June 9th, 2008
12:33 am - asdfkj!! *melting*
I have just finished reading Boys Don't Cry by furiosity and pixies.

It made me so gibbery and incoherent and oooh. This story is the reason why I read h/d. it reminds me of the beginning, years ago when i started reading h/d...before Sirius dies and Harry got even darker and broodier, before Harry's chest monster had a mental lapse and wanted to make out with Ginny, and before everyone started having babies with horrible names. And this story is the reason why I love Draco Malfoy.

I really don't want to spoil anything, but I just wanted to let people know about it, because hopefully it will bring that gushy feeling in your stomach too.

(The art done for this was spectacular too, but its really best when you see it as you read. Just know there is this one adorable picture of young!draco sitting in a thicket of nettles and another gorgeous one where harry's shirtless and their bodies are flush together and harry looks so serious about what's about to transpire it kills me :)

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Saturday, June 7th, 2008
9:15 pm - big bang!!!
Eeeeee! Big Bang Final Challenge site is up and live!!! I have serious butterflies in my stomach for it and am giddy over deciding where to start reading :) Who needs a summer book on the subway when you have Big Bang to read?

If you have time, stop by and read the fic I submitted for the challenge: Seekers in the Rye, created in part with much love to Mr. JD Salinger and created with the help of the lovely Miss taradiane.

The site is so pretty itself, and zomg. the art! There are some really gorgeous pieces there, and I'm absolutely so delighted and in love with the art drawn for my story...all by some of my favorite artists too!!!! Love love love them: _hibiscus, red_rahl, reallycorking, froggie, and OMG i do not know their lj names but have always admired their art: Yazenia, Forbis, and Blackrose (whose art i have loved since the days of Rhysenn's Irresistable Poison).

*squees and flails about*

And omg the list of authors and artists who have participated is amazing and there is just so much good things to read and enjoy.

It's like a celebratory milestone of almost seven years in fandom :)

edit: OMG and there was just another piece of art added by reiniifor the very end scene of the story and its absolutely gorgeous <33333333333

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Saturday, May 24th, 2008
12:46 am - new york, new york
Ahhhhhhhh! I move to New York City for the summer tomorrow for my internship with the Ad Council ( They are very cool :)

Eeep! I will become a Manhattan city girl. Go for jogs in Central Park and party it up in SoHo. Yay!

Is anyone out in New York in that area? Maybe coffee / ice cream at Serendipity?

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Sunday, January 6th, 2008
6:15 pm - hd_holidays! :)
hd_holidays reveals are up!! I am surprised by who some of the writers are but also very excited as this opens up a whole new world of fic that I can explore :) I especially loved the fic Squib.

A link to my very Christmassy submission: Draco works as Harry's secretary and can offer more than just a cup of coffee.

:) Yay. Happy holidays! (belatedly...)

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Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008
10:29 pm - happy new year!!!!
Resolution:

Mmm, so I've been catching up on reading hd_holidays and taking my sweet time at it. Haha, I'm a slow reader when I try to savor things.

I feel distinctly behind not only in reading holiday fic, but in reading in general. For example, I have just since discovered lomonaaeren who is amazing, and then have only just heard of frayach...I haven't read anything by them yet but really want to!

Anyway, I am rereading the fic someone wrote for me: A Matter of Truth! It is amazing with Harry and Draco tending to dragon pox and getting over misunderstandings and crushes. They are so clueless, so naturally it is my perfect kind of story!! :)

And I also love:

The Price We Pay for Wings: Which is just beautifully written.
Written in the Stars: Al and Scorpius, Harry and Draco in a tent looking at stars!!
Spoonful of Sugar: Candyman!Harry and a grumpy!Draco.
Artic Fox: Aurors-in-training!fic with Draco's fluffy cute patronus making an appearance. And Harry being an idiot.
What we Could Become: Harry healing Draco :)
The Living Half: A really different kind of veela!fic.

And I'm slowly making my way through Vale Sanare (with draco having seizures) and Duration of Emptiness. Both are really good but I'm a slow and easily distracted reader.

Haha, so now whil the boyfriend is at work and my friends are off vacationing, I'm settling in for some good reads. There are some good shorter stories too, but I haven't gotten to them yet.

I am also contemplating trying to do some big bang, but I'm about as good at writing as I am at reading :\

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Monday, October 22nd, 2007
7:18 pm
Ha. I always knew Dumbledore/Grindewald had a thing. All that talk about pretty blond boys and twinkling blue eyes.

And everyone thought I was crazy.

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Thursday, July 19th, 2007
11:05 am
i am reading spoilers. not the actual text, but the spoilers.

this is reminiscent of my behavior for ootp. shoot.
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Wednesday, July 18th, 2007
9:22 am - picture of dan radcliffe naked
question: this real?
(not work safe...i clicked this in class and was a tad bit embarrassed)

remember how everyone was so excited to see that picture of this dan-lookalike naked?
and now he's actually doing it for real.

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Tuesday, July 17th, 2007
9:07 am - dirty harry

click for article.
there is also a video interview that i haven't watched it but i'm sure is full of amazingness.

his eyes are so blueee.
i laugh because he does not have that much body hair but he tries to flaunt what he has.

and i can't believe he's lost his virginity twice on stage and on film. fingers crossed for seventh book of harry potter? :P

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Monday, July 16th, 2007
12:08 pm - HARRY POTTER IN 3D


I can't wait for deathly hallows. and i know that i'm gonna let myself get spoiled AND/OR read the ending myself. so i hope that the ending is wonderful and amazing and i bet it will be.


p.s. does anyone ever feel like they are the biggest harry potter fan. when you look at the characters or the actors, especially the ones you love, do you ever feel all possessive like MINE. NO ONE ELSE LOVES YOU AS MUCH. and then you realize that yes people do, and there are people who possibly love them more, and its a rather sad epiphany. but it makes you feel less like a creep. yes? okay.

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Tuesday, July 10th, 2007
2:26 pm - lalala i'm in australia
I AM IN SYDNEY! YAY! Is anyone from there?
and i am going to watch OOTP on the world's biggest imax screen.

and i really can't wait to read spoilers on what people think of the movie. and of book 7. since i won't be home until july 29. (i like being spoiled. although i didn't read book 5 so a. i won't understand the movie and b. i didn't read it because it was spoiled for me)

i just found old fics that i started to write and want to finish but now i can't because hello. new canon.

but i'm almost done with a 50+ page fic. which excuses my weekslong absence
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Wednesday, June 6th, 2007
6:34 pm - oops.
so i was looking at my userinfo and realized that when i had a minor paranoia attack on lj and locked a lot of my entries and unfriended a lot of people i wasn't sure i knew or not, i may have accidentally unfriended those i DID know (also because people change their lj names, but i really must just blame myself.)

and so if we're not mutual friends, but should be, just let me know somehow.

and i'm in the process of uploading all my fics to skyehawke so they're not locked (because i guess i had some people ask but was too lazy to do it on lj...but...not lazy enough to not do it on skyehawke?) :)

Not all my stories will be on there. Because I have some weird stories that I would not want to copy anywhere (like the Condom!fic, the Gilderoy Lockhart is a Pedophile!fic and all the Ron/Sea Creature fics...and the Dead!Draco/Live!Harry fic
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Sunday, June 3rd, 2007
7:46 pm - equus
So...a question for those in the UK area...has anyone heard or seen Equus yet?
Because its about a boy with a horse fetish and then he kills them...and since the main character is Dan Radcliffe it makes me think of Harry Potter with a horse fetish.

Which inspired me somewhat to want to do a fic or art post and be like LOOK AT WHAT DAN'S ABS INSPIRED ME TO DO! But i got so excited about the pictures of shirtless Dan riding white horses (and there are more pictures where you see him naked with a naked girl pressing her boobs into her back in the hay and then him looking at the naked girl in her panties and you are like what?!)

And then I was like what? And pretended the girl was boobless and that she was Draco Malfoy or something.

See! Abs!

If you go to the Website and go to the press release page you will see pictures.

But I am 100% sure people have already squealed about this already. I just find things out late and get excited about them.

In other news, I am writing a fic! Because I watched Mean Girls the other day and was fixated on Draco Malfoy as Regina George (complete with pleated skirt).

Can't you just picture him saying, "On Wednesdays, we wear pink!" But only he'd wear green or something.

So far its 15 pages! So seeeeeee. I'm doing something productive.
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Thursday, April 19th, 2007
1:39 am - the must-have "this is why i'm hot" pic post
A fabulous photo-happy year in review! Only 2 more weeks to finals, so here's to being glam ;)
This year I've broken a lot of my own rules, but hey. I'm happy!

yes i"m still shameless and camera-whoreishCollapse )

oh. and here is a picture of one of the classical mythology T.A.'s facebook profile pic. i had a hunchling about him :D


HIM: it's xerxes
HIM): Leonidas, you've been a bad boy
HIM: a very very bad boy
HIM: allow me to spank you
HIM: Xerxes > malfoy
HIM: at least xerxes expresses his homosexuality
HIM: malfoy is just a closet gay

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Wednesday, April 18th, 2007
12:33 am - my boyfriend hates draco malfoy :(
A condensed version...

Me: Draco is my favorite character.
Him: Draco is a little douchebag bitch.
Me: No...he's just misunderstood.
Him: No! He's a spoiled evil brat and tried to kill Dumbledore.
Me: Well, he's like Harry. He was never really given a choice because of his father.
Him: He's just like Lex Luthor except he' also Lucius' little bitch.
Me: He just wants Harry's attention!
Him: Aha! He's an attention whore!
Me: Whatever. I still like Draco.
Him: Whatever. Harry Potter is badass and awesome.


Me: I don't like Ron.
Him: You just hate him because he's poor don't you!
Me: ...No. He's just annoying.
Him: I don't like Ginny.
Me: Me neither.
Him: Actually, you know what? I do like Ginny. She got hot in book 6.

Later still...

Him: You know what? You're not allowed to have any opinions about Harry Potter because you haven't read the 5th book. This is like not voting but complaining about Bush.
Me: Alright.
Him: I totally just won this argument. So I'm not mad at you.

But. You know what? I still love Draco :) He just needs a hug. And a Harry.

p.s. I also was like "In Book 7, maybe they'll be best friends and run off and make out.
Him: What the fuck?
Me: I mean. NOT make out. Just run off and NOT make out.


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